Tap Ingaged Listening to Gain Deeper Customer Insights

Are you suffering from a lack of marketing data? I didn’t think you were. If you’re like most marketers today, you have way too much data, not way too little. You’re inundated with data from focus groups, customer surveys, online … Read More

5 Secret Benefits That Only Training Can Provide

We are pleased that this article by Evan Hackel was chosen for publication in TrainingIndustry.com. Reproduced with permission.   By Evan Hackel   Training creates a company that operates better, because employees have superior skills. But you knew that. Chances … Read More

Why Good Leaders Take Time to Gain Fresh Perspective

  The higher up you are in your organization, the more time you should spend working on your business, not working in your business. A functional manager, for example, like someone who manages a call center, can perhaps spend 95% … Read More

Are You Making Faulty Assumptions about Millennials?

One of my colleagues recently attended a panel discussion about millennials. A business professor and two millennial-age entrepreneurs were on the panel. There were about 25 people in the audience. “The conversation was pretty academic until the topic of sexism … Read More