5 Secret Benefits That Only Training Can Provide

Evan Hackel

We are pleased that this article by Evan Hackel was chosen for publication in TrainingIndustry.com. Reproduced with permission.


By Evan Hackel


Training creates a company that operates better, because employees have superior skills. But you knew that. Chances are it is the reason you are already investing in training.

Yet have you stopped to consider that training can provide benefits that are worth even more than improved skills? Here are some to think about . . .

Improved Retention and Motivation

When you train your employees, you let them know that they have a future with your company because you are investing in them. Training, in fact, is one of the most effective incentives of all.

Incremental Profit Increases that Really Add Up

say, for example, that you have 1,000 retail salespeople who are each selling an average of $1,000 in goods each day, which translates to $1 million in sales a day. If you can train each of them to increase the size of each sale they make by only 10%, which is very doable through CONTINUE READING

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