Ingaging Leadership

Assign Work to Multi-Functional Teams Whenever Possible

by Evan Hackel

I have adapted today’s post from my soon-to-be-published new book Ingaging Leadership: The Ultimate Edition


If you want to elevate the productivity and quality of work in your organization, assign work to multi-functional teams whenever you can.

I have found – and I am sure you have discovered too – that multi-functional task forces can do a better job of completing many projects than can teams made up of people with similar skill sets.

When a group of salespeople are charged with the task of increasing sales revenue, for example, they will come up with a sales solution. When a group of social media marketers are charged with the same task, they will devise a social media strategy. And when a group of programmers is given the assignment, they will suggest a programming/software solution.

But sparks really start to fly when you bring together members of different disciplines, with different skill sets, and assign them to a project. (If you can, describe that project as “fact finding,” since those words spark a curious outlook.)

When members of different divisions who have different disciplines coalesce and work together, curiosity will start to infect and inspire people across your organization.  So my advice to you is, break down the silo walls and bring people together.

So look at the work and projects that are being completed by your department, division, or other structural unit. Is there a way you can bring in more participants from other units or divisions – in effect, transform it into a multifunctional team?

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Evan Hackel

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