Breakthrough Lessons from Brad Federman: Why Engaging Your Employees Gives You a Competitive Advantage


Brad Federman
Brad Federman

Brad Federman, the COO of F&H Solutions Group, just gave a dynamite presentation, “Employee Engagement as a Competitive Advantage,” in our Breakthrough Ideas in Training webinar series. Brad, who wrote the book Employee Engagement, has more than 22 years of corporate experience in various aspects of human resources, including performance management and employee engagement, employee compensation, executive recruiting, change management and instructional design.

Brad delivered some terrific, practical advice about how and why to empower everyone in your organization. Here are some takeaways that you should know . . .

  • Great organizations, just like great sports teams, play both defensive and offensive games. Brad spelled out what they are and how to use them.
  • Why lifelong learning is essential to the success of leaders and their organizations.
  • Why great leaders motivate employees to give their all – not just stay around.
  • How to tell if a hidden “victim mentality” has secretly taken hold in your company – and what to do about it.
  • Why great companies do more than just talk about their brands. They live them and deliver them.
  • Why great training can only happen if you respect your trainees as individuals.
  • How to recognize the telltale warning signs of “training for training’s sake” and put a stop to it.
  • Why sometimes you need coaching, not training. How to tell.
  • Why great leaders and companies don’t hide from discomfort. They know that real change and better learning happen when people are uncomfortable with the status quo.

Brad’s Webinar Is Still Live – Why Not Register Today?

If you haven’t seen Brad’s webinar yet, you haven’t missed it. You can still register for all of this year’s free Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars and watch it, along with all the other groundbreaking Breakthrough Ideas webinars in the days ahead.

As a special thank-you for attending his webinar, Brad is offering a gift to you: A free copy of his new guide “Jump Start! 50 Ways to Engage Your Team.”


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