Breakthrough Lessons from Eric Bloom: Productivity Amplifiers for Training Professionals

Eric Bloom
Eric Bloom

Eric Bloom is widely regarded as the leading developer of training for IT professionals. And with good reason. Eric spent more than three decades as an IT professional at a number of companies before he started his own training company, Manager Mechanics LLC.

That could explain the power of the insights that Eric delivered in “Productivity Amplifiers for Training Professionals,” a webinar in our recent Breakthrough Ideas in Training series.

You’ll want to register and attend his webinar – it’s free of charge – but to encourage you, here are some of the insights that Eric shared:

  • Why you should view all your IT projects as business projects, not technical.
  • Why the most engaging training is “90% business and 10% show.”
  • How to make trainees more engaged by “marketing” your training.
  • Why great trainers don’t just teach – they blog, give speeches, present webinars and do other outreach to build buy-in and get better results.
  • Why the tried-and-true practices of live training don’t always work well in webinars or video training.
  • How to set the stage and position your camera for the best video training.
  • The best way to use slides in webinar-based training.
  • How to use interactive polls to energize all your training.
  • How to “productize” your training, market it, and turn it into a source of revenue.
  • Simple ways to assure that your training is driving business results. 

Sounds Powerful? It Is! Why Not Register Now for Eric’s Webinar?

If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t missed out. You can still register for all of this year’s free Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars and watch them all.

As a special thank-you for attending his webinar, Eric is offering a gift to you: An exclusive online preview of his new book.

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