Is Your Company Driving Your Best Employees to Quit?


62963945 - close up woman hold a piece of paper of i quit the job“9 Things that Make Good People Quit,” an article by Travis Bradberry in Entrepreneur on March 28, offers an eye-opening, quick overview of some company behaviors that drive good employees out the door.

Bradberry highlights these nine mistakes companies make . . .

  1. Overworking people 
  1. Failing to recognize and reward good work 
  1. Failing to develop people’s skills 
  1. Failing to care about employees 
  1. Not honoring commitments 
  1. Hiring and promoting the wrong people 
  1. Not allowing people to pursue their passions 
  1. Failing to engage creativity 
  1. Not challenging people intellectually


Which of Those Problems Is the Worst?

If you’ve ever suffered from one of those problems at work, chances are that’s the one that seems the most harmful to you.

We recently spoke with a woman who had just quit her job because of problem #6 – she was working for a company that hired and promoted the wrong people instead of recognizing and rewarding the value she brought to the organization. Rather than sitting around any longer and watching her company fail to recognize and promote her, she decided to quit and head for the door.

Perhaps after she leaves, her company will realize that it lost her and the expertise she had developed after working there for more than five years. Or maybe company leaders are so out of touch with what is happening through the ranks that they will never realize they lost an asset.

What Is Happening in Your Organization?

As you read Travis Bradberry’s nine mistakes, did any of them make you think, “We could be doing that” and want to explore further?

Even if none of the nine mistakes caused a “light bulb” like that to fire up in your mind, it could be worth exploring whether your company is applying effective Ingagement strategies to make sure you are retaining your best people. We invite you to speak with an Ingage consultant today.

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