Ingaging Leadership

by Barry Lenson

We were pleased to interview Evan Hackel about his philosophy of Ingaged Leadership, which he lays out in detail in his new book Ingaging Leadership: The Ultimate Edition.

We know you will improve your leadership by learning about the leadership philosophy that Evan has developed during his successful career.

What led you to the discovery of Ingaged Leadership?

I gained insights into the power of sharing a vision while working in my family business, where I helped grow revenue from $3 million to $25 million in four years.

Later, at Flooring America, I discovered the importance of listening and having a shared vision. I successfully turned around the company, increasing its value from $700 million to $2 billion in four years.

Can you summarize what Ingagement is?

Ingagement emphasizes that everyone in an organization is not merely working for it but is an integral part of it. By engaging hearts and minds, leaders move beyond delegating tasks and create a sense of ownership. My book Ingaging Leadership outlines the steps to achieve this.

Can you describe a time when Ingagement produced notable results?

At CCA Global Partners, where I worked for 20 years, practicing Ingagement led to an impressive average annual growth rate of 29%.

How has leadership changed in our post-pandemic period?

Technology has transformed leadership by enhancing communication, training, decision-making, and overall efficiency. Leaders must adapt to technological advancements and embrace online marketing to stay effective in today’s dynamic business landscape.

If our readers want to follow your advice and become Ingaged leaders, what are the first steps they can take?

Start with Ingaged listening—focus on what people are saying that is right, not wrong.

And encourage curiosity throughout the organization, beginning with your own intense curiosity about business and life.

Evan Hackel