“Find a parade and get in front of it.” Paul Mitchell talks about influencing through engagement and becoming a great leader.

In this video, Paul Mitchell, leadership expert, shares his knowledge about great leaders in the small business world. Paul says that small business leaders should focus on their clients rather than on the building of their own businesses. He mentions the following four things that small business owners can do to become great leaders.First, he says, leaders should build a sense of community. Leaders should connect people to each other and connect them to a bigger purpose. Second, leaders should be themselves. They should be authentic about their specific strengths but also have allowable weaknesses. Third, leaders should make others feel significant. It is important to let people know that what they do counts. Furthermore, because you can’t make it on your own as a small business owner, you have to let people know how they’ve helped you. Finally, leaders should build excitement. It is easy for small business owners to get bogged down and forget why they’re doing what they’re doing. Successful leaders build their business around their excitement and they excite other people about their work as well.Among Paul’s helpful hints is the suggestion that leaders should focus on what they do with people instead of to people. In terms of the question of how one becomes a great leader, Paul quotes Fred Smith (FedEx) as saying: “It’s very simple; you find a parade and get in front of it.” Watch the full video to hear more including the results of research done by two London business professors and the question: “Why should anyone be led by you?”


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