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“Ingaging Leadership is a timely and eminently practical book that will definitely help leaders to improve their ability to bring out the best in others. The strategies and case studies Evan Hackel shares are relevant to businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

– Greg Nathan, author of Profitable Partnerships and Founder, Franchise Relationship Institute

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About Ingaging Leadership

In Ingaging Leadership, our Founder Evan Hackel lays out the positive philosophy of Ingagement that he has used to help hundreds of leaders boost profits, motivate people to excel, and build greater organizational success.

”Ingagement is a leadership philosophy for those who believe that it is not enough to tell people what to do, but to involve their minds, creativity and even their emotions,” Hackel writes. “When you align people and create an organization where everyone works together in partnership, that organization becomes vastly more successful.”

Leaders who have put the philosophy of Ingagement into practice have reported the following benefits…

  • An enhanced ability to spend more time on the activities that build profits and success
  • Increased employee motivation, loyalty, retention, and commitment to company values
  • An improved flow of innovative new ideas from employees at every level
  • Inspiring leadership, built on keen listening skills and other Ingagement activities, that gets the right things done and increases profits, customer satisfaction, and ultimate success

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Click on the cover to learn more

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