Ingaging Leadership

Learn about Ingaged Leadership in Just 25 Minutes on My New Podcast

If you would like to learn about my new concept of Ingaged leadership in only 25 minutes, I would like to invite you to listen to my new podcast on the Be Real Show, hosted by Travis “2TALLIN’ Huff. It’s one of the most popular podcasts offered by Real Time Outsource.

Here are some of the topics about Ingaged leadership that you’ll hear me discuss:

  • Why your people are the key to moving your company in the right direction.
  • How I used Ingagement to achieve a 29% annual growth rate at one company that resulted in $10 billion in sales.
  • Why an employee retreat, even a short one, can be the spark that ignites employee ingagement.
  • Why a flow of great ideas starts when people are part of the process.
  • Why “Can you share the vision of this company?” can be a powerful question to ask everyone in your organization.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a link to the podcast . . .

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