Learning to Embrace Our Differences at Work

Evan Hackel, author of Ingaging Leadership.
Evan Hackel, author of Ingaging Leadership.

All of us at Ingage Consulting are proud to tell you about “Embracing Our Differences,” an article that just appeared in Right of Way Magazine. Why are we proud? Because it was written by our founder, Evan Hackel.

We invite you to read the article. Here is a preview of some of Evan’s advice about why it takes a varied group of individuals to create a very successful company.

  • Company leaders and managers should develop a keen enthusiasm for working with millennials. Their outlooks, abilities, and entrepreneurial spirit should be welcomed, not resisted.
  • Leaders who hire only people who are just like themselves are putting limits on their success. It takes a diversity of outlooks, skills and enthusiasm to build a great company.
  • Don’t just accept people with different outlooks and backgrounds, actively welcome them. Evan suggests holding regular forums where all perspectives are welcome and everyone can be heard.
  • Invest in excellent training. It will repay any company many times over with improved performance, reduced turnover and a healthier culture.
  • Don’t only listen to different ideas and perspectives. Instead, actively invite all employees to define the company’s vision and mission.
  • Learn to identify and cultivate your company’s future leaders. Considering who will lead your company in the future is a positive thing to do, so think about succession planning.

And Learn More About Evan’s Philosophy of Ingaged Leadership in his New Book

All of us at Ingage are proud of Evan’s article, and possibly even prouder of his new book Ingaging Leadership: 21 Steps to Elevate Your Business. It’s changing the way many companies think about leadership, and it can transform your organization too.  


Click on the cover to learn more
Click on the cover to learn more


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