Let Me Tell You All About My New Book in this New Video

Click on the cover to order your copy from Amazon.com
Click on the cover to order your copy from Amazon.com

All of us at Ingage Consulting are thrilled that my new book Ingaging Leadership: A New Approach to Leading that Builds Excellence and Organizational Success is introducing so many people to my philosophy of Ingaged leadership.

A lot is happening. Because book groups and business roundtables are discussing Ingaging Leadership, the publisher is just about to release a chapter-by-chapter study guide that includes questions for study, group exercises, and more. An audio book is in preparation and will be published soon. If all that weren’t enough, articles are appearing about the book in many publications. Just last week, I was quoted in the article “29 Daily Habits of Incredibly Successful Executives” by Christina Desmarais in Inc. Magazine.

It all goes to demonstrate that people are finding a new and effective leadership philosophy in Ingaging Leadership. 

What is that philosophy? I invite you to watch this video, which provides a quick introduction. If you have questions, please do reach out to me at Ingage Consulting. Telling you or your employees all about Ingaged Leadership would be my privilege.


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