The Globoforce Work Human Research Institute recently asked 2,700 American workers to name what motivates them at work . . . and what demotivates them too.

Based on the study, the Institute identified what it calls the Three Biggest Performance Management Mistakes . . .

 Mistake #1: Rarely, if Ever, Talking to Employees about Performance

The study found that 19% of employees like to get feedback in scheduled meetings, 20% like to get it in annual reviews . . . but that 60% like to get feedback continuously, as events occur. The lesson? The more you talk to employees about their performance as things happen on the job, the greater their motivation becomes.

Mistake #2: Relying too Much on Managers to Motivate Employees 

The study found that teams can play a bigger role in motivating employees than their bosses do. Why? Because 65% of employees report that their coworkers know more about what they are doing than their managers do. Motivation and encouragement work best when they are “crowdsourced” from a combination of bosses, peers and company leaders.

Mistake #3: Withholding Rewards 

The study found that 58% of employees find “in-the-moment,” immediate rewards for good work more motivational than annual bonuses. The lesson? Immediate rewards offer the kind of ongoing motivation that keeps workers engaged.

The Tie-In with Ingagement

We believe the findings of the Globoforce survey tie in closely with what we have found in our work at Ingage Consulting. Regular feedback and encouragement are a very big part of what it takes to keep employees motivated and engaged.




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