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What’s the most important reason you should register for Tortal Training’s Breakthough Ideas in Training Webinars this month? With no doubt, the biggest reason to enroll is to increase your value and effectiveness. When experts like these are sharing their success secrets – and not charging you a fee for doing so – why wouldn’t you want to be there?

But there’s another reason to sign up and take part . . .

All presenters are giving away valuable gifts to everyone who attends their webinars

We’re not talking keychains here. We’re talking about significant, useful, and valuable incentives will help you understand and apply the lessons that our presenters are teaching.

What are these gifts? Let’s take a closer look . . .

  • Brent Baldwin, visionary business consultant, is offering a download preview of his new book World Class Thinking. 
  • Susan Berkley, one of the most sought-after voice coaches in the world, is offering a complimentary phone consultation.
  • Dan Black, one of Tortal Training’s training development gurus, wants to give you a complimentary copy of his Rapid Curriculum Design toolkit that can speed your development of high-ROI training.
  • Eric Bloom, a top expert in training and productivity productivity, is giving away a copy of his latest eBook.
  • Brad Federman, one of the world’s leading resources on productivity and success, is offering a free phone consultation.
  • Andrew Fischer, top digital marketing and ecommerce leader, is offering each attendee a preview of his cutting-edge onboarding and training template.
  • Jason Forrest, performance and productivity champion, will give you a free copy of his latest eBook.
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett, success and leadership expert, is offering you a complimentary two-week trial of sanebox.com, a new way to simplify email and communications.
  • Meridith Elliott Powell, one of America’s most sought-after business growth experts, is giving away a copy of her latest eBook.
  • Cordell Riley, master trainer and CEO of Tortal, is offering no fewer than four eBooks about delivering more effective training.
  • Thomas White, co-founder and CEO of C-Suite Network, wants to give you a complimentary copy of Ushering in the Future 500.

Why Not Start Honing Your Skills Today?

The webinars, plus the free resources that presenters are making available, add up to a powerful opportunity to learn. We invite you to CLICK HERE to enroll for Breakthrough Webinars in Training today.



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