Ingaging Leadership

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Worried you’re

not  getting the most

from the millennials you lead?

If so, transform your leadership by registering for Beyond the Obvious: Critical Skills for Leading Millennials with business leader Evan Hackel, founder of Ingage Consulting and author of Ingaging Leadership. 

You will discover . . .

  • Why millennial employees are the best workers
  • Why most of the “common wisdom” about millennials is just plain wrong (Hint: they think about a lot more than technology . . . they are loyal . . . and they want to succeed in your organization
  • Why not all millennials are the same. . . and what can make them different
  • How to recognize and lead workers who were not born in the millennial bracket years . . . but who act and think like them
  • How to use career development plans, one-on-one meetings, 360ᴼ reviews and other powerful strategies for hiring and motivating millennials . . . and

win their loyalty

Wednesday, April 26, at 12pm EST.

Evan Hackel

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