Improving communications from the ground up is the premise for Ingagement, a new service launched by Ingage Consulting.



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Improving communications from the ground up is the premise for Ingagement, a new service launched by Ingage Consulting.


Communication is often a company’s weakest link. However it is no secret that the importance of communication is paramount and can make or break a company. Ingagement is all about the art of communication to help franchises improve their communication.

“The idea for Ingagement came out of conversations I was having with a client about how none of their franchisees seemed to know what was going on. We talked about how they were communicating with them and the number of touches they received daily. It was astonishing,” said Evan Hackel, president of Ingage Consulting.

Ingagement begins with a thorough look at a franchise’s communications of all types. There is no cookie cutter answer that will work for everyone because Ingage understands that each franchise has its own unique way of doing things. After this in-depth review at the franchise and its current communication plan, a communication blueprint is made. This blueprint is the not just the overarching goals, but also the tactical plan to make it happen. “The tactical plan is extremely important. So often companies come in, evaluate, tell a company what they should do, but they don’t get to the “how”. The how is so important that it is a key part of our program,” added Hackel

The most innovative part of the Ingagement service is the Mastermind Groups. Ingage will connect participants together with other franchise communication specialists in varying industries around the country. Brainstorming and discussing challenges in this group provides a wealth of information and it is where many find solutions to communication hurdles.

“Mastermind Groups are the continuing portion of this service that all participants enjoy. They look forward to talking to others who share the same issues and working through potential solutions. The sharing of best practices between the participants is amazing,” said Janet Brideaux, Director of Communications for Ingage Consulting.

Ingage Consulting will be attending the International Franchise Association’s 54th Annual Convention to launch this program to franchises. To learn more you can visit their website at

About Ingage Consulting

Ingage Consulting is a management consulting firm that works with franchisors and franchisees to increase sales and satisfaction; improve growth and retention and boosts loyalty and profits with their unique engagement methodology.

Evan Hackel, Ingage founder and management expert has more than two decades of experience in best practices, turnaround strategies and team dynamics. He is often engaged to analyze franchise businesses, provide recommendations and facilitate strategic planning. He is a member of the International Franchise Association and New England Franchise Association.

Ingage Consulting is located at 400 Trade Center, Suite 5900 in Woburn, MA. For more information, contact (781) 569-5900 or visit the website