I was just talking to a friend of mine who has a daughter she just sent to boarding school. Her daughter was enjoying boarding school, but was having difficulties dealing with being responsible for her schedule. No mommy was there to tell her “You’ve got 10 minutes to do this task, oh now you only have five minutes.” I know from personal experience when a child becomes self-reliant and takes responsibility for their actions is when you start to see them really blossom. No doubt my friend’s daughter will learn from her experience and become a person who takes responsibility for her schedule and To Do list.  

So what does this have to do with franchising and communications? If we communicate to the franchisees like they are children, in fact if we communicate to our franchisees like they are a misbehaving child, we should expect them to act and behave like children. If we change the paradigm though and start communicating like they are adults, and having them take responsibility for their half of the communication cycle things will change. 

These are big thoughts that can lead to very powerful results. Of course we are here to help.