“Evan was an electrifying speaker; he motivated, but more importantly he helped all of us understand the importance of working together, and what our potential really is. I have never heard more positive comments about a speaker at one of our events before. If you’re looking for a speaker to engage your audience and bring home the message you need, I would highly recommend Evan Hackel.”

Marie DeNicola
CEO, Mainstream Boutique

“Our organization booked Evan as the keynote speaker for our annual Purchasing Cooperatives Conference. Evan delighted the audience of executive leaders with a mix of big ideas, actionable solutions, humor, audience participation and some good ol’ fashioned tugging at the heartstrings. I’ve known Evan to be as dedicated and as prepared as they come, unafraid to tackle a topic or viewpoint that others might shy away from while staying on-message, with a knack for being on the leading edge of what’s trending. Already a successful businessman and consultant, Evan should also be on your short list of speakers for your next conference.”

Judy Ziewacz
President and CEO, National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International

“One of the greatest keynotes I’ve ever seen. Really well done.”

Bryan Munson
Business Development Manager, National Cooperative Business Association

“Evan Hackel is a dynamic and engaging speaker. We’ve had Evan speak at our Aligned Conference which includes some of the biggest brands in the world. His ability to connect and engage with an audience is second to none. I highly recommend Evan to speak at your next event.”

Ben Carcio
CEO, Promoboxx

“Thank you again for your help at this year’s event. We have had nothing but positive feedback and everyone has said it was the best event yet. We’re very inspired to put the gas pedal down! I just wanted to mention that you are two for two in delivering the goods and we had another clarifying moment this year.

Last year we changed our approach from ‘replication and enforcement’ to ‘replication and teamwork’. (30 Minute Hit is no longer a communist state!) This year, although we always knew how important attitude was to success, ‘Attitude Is A Multiplier’ will be a critical tool in communicating that reality moving forward. This program should be trademarked!”

Jackson Loychuk
CEO, 30 Minute Hit, Ltd

“Thank you so much for the fabulous presentation [at our convention]. There were many members who told us it was the best they had heard at EW [Exciting Windows!], and two spouses who have attended many conventions and other industries said they never heard better. Your message was meaty and moving. We want to hear more from you and keep your creativity and experience channeled to benefit Exciting Windows! in the future.”

Steve Bursten
CEO, Exciting Windows!

“We consider Evan’s group engagement presentation to be a pivotal turning point for our group. Evan helped us understand the importance of working together to achieve higher goals and it changed how we work together.”

Earl Ward
President and CEO, Nemeon, Inc.

“Working with Evan has been eye opening. Not only did everyone love his presentation at our conference, our management team has found his insight into member organizations very valuable. We’ve been able to get a better understanding of how organizations like ours can succeed and see that improving engagement will have a positive impact!”

Dave Freeman
President and CEO, First Health Network