Would it be better to herd sheep or lead a pack of wolves?

What are you doing in your group? Herding sheep or leading a pack of wolves?

What’s the difference?

Wolves are very aggressive—they’re intense, high energy and always on the prowl for their next meal. In business, that translates into desire and passion. And, it increases the ability of your group to execute, achieve excellence and stand out in the market. The possibilities are endless.

Sheep roam aimlessly and graze on whatever grass they can get. As soon as you get some of them moving in the right direction, others wander and get off track. It can try your patience to get all of the sheep moving in the right direction.

What’s the point?

Engaged members—actively participating with passion and desire—are like wolves: they’re hungry and willing to take on any challenge, and they’ll work as a pack to achieve the vision of your company.

Sheep, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily engaged: they’re led to a field and will eat the grass (without a care in the world). Not wanting or desiring anything more. They’re not paying close attention, yet they question the direction of the group and make it difficult to get anything accomplished.

If you don’t want to settle for uneven scraps of grass and you have a greater vision, then you need to be leading wolves. To have wolves to lead, you need to have an engaged group. To get an engaged group, you need to have a plan.

Some of you may think you don’t want to lead wolves. That it would be easier to herd sheep because they’re docile and, for the most part, will do what they’re told. Remember, I didn’t ask what would be easier. I asked what would be better.

It comes down to this: to move beyond what you have today… to change… to get better you need to have engaged members. And, wolves will be engaged in the business with a pack leader who has the right tools.

What’s your company’s engagement plan? How do you plan to ignite the passion in your members and get them active in your business?

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