Younger Generations Have Marketplace Knowledge You Need to Succeed


Evan Hackel

I have a secret that I would like to share with you as the new year begins. It’s that I will be publishing a new book in the next few months. It’s entitled Ingaged Leadership Meets the Younger Generations, soon to be published by Motivational Press. After the book is published, I will be sharing more information about it, including ordering information. 

But as year 2019 is about to begin, I would like to share this excerpt with you. 

Happy New Year, and best wishes for a very successful 2019. 


Younger Generations Have Marketplace Knowledge You Need to Succeed


Whatever services or products you sell, most Younger Generations can provide you with the latest intelligence about what is taking place in your industry . . . 

·       What do consumers think about your products and your brand?

·       How does your company compare to your competitors?

·       What are the biggest trends in your industry today?

·       What companies are the leaders in your sector, and why?

·       How do Younger Generations make buying decisions?

·       How and when do Younger Generations become loyal customers?

·       Do Younger Generations still want to purchase homes and cars, go to college, and engage in other activities that were “givens” among members of older generations? Or have they changed?

·       What lessons can you learn and apply from cutting-edge companies like Uber,, and Google? Many Younger Generations can give you critical insights that you need.


Viewed from those perspectives, it becomes obvious your Younger Generation workers are one of your company’s most valuable assets. Are you treating them that way?

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