You’re Invited to Read My New Article in Lab Manager Magazine on Training Millennials

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Have you ever wondered, “What’s the best way to train millennial workers?” If so, you are not alone. Of all the questions asked about training these days, it is probably the most common. To executives like me who were born before 1980 – the year when the first millennials were born – the question can seem mysterious and complex.

We look at millennials and see a group of young people who seem addicted to texting on their phones, who sometimes seem skeptical about the lessons we want to teach them, and who are prone to change jobs frequently.

If it’s been on your mind too, I’d like to invite you to read my new article “Let’s Take the Mystery out of Training Millennials” that was just published in Lab Manager Magazine. I am especially happy that my article was chosen for inclusion in that publication. Why? Because a large number of new hires in laboratories of all kinds are recent college graduates who can benefit from effective training.

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