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Leaders and Managers Are Not the Same . . . Which Are You?
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The Art of Communication... Communication is the lifeblood of every franchise system. If you can’t get through to your franchisees and truly be heard, your business – and their businesses – will suffer. Ingagement is all about the Art of Communication to help you improve your communication programs. Read More

After working in the franchise world for 25 years and helping companies improve their performance, Evan Hackel founded Ingage Consulting. Ingage’s mission is to help improve the performance of franchisors and their franchisees by focusing on engagement throughout the organization.

We collaborate with leadership teams and franchisees to identify opportunities within their organization. This amplifies engagement, which enhances growth, sales, profits, ROI, purchasing through the system, and much more. It will also increase franchisee satisfaction—with improved retention and sales rates.

The concept of engagement might seem simple. However, it’s anything but. We believe achieving engagement within your organization requires dedication, focus, and time to take root. Engagement is sophisticated. We think of it as an art, a fine art that’s taken us over 50 years of combined experience to master.