Ingaging Leadership

21 of THE biggest Training Experts in 21 Days!

biit image smallLast winter, when everyone at Tortal Training sat down to do our annual review we asked ourselves a few questions. Who is Tortal Training? Are we being true to our company mission? How can we help advance the training industry? How can we support our clients improve their training? We are more than just as a training company – we are training champions. We know that for us to be true training champions we need to look past what we do as a company that makes us money, we need to look at how are we actually champion training – how we help trainers.

In doing our brainstorming, we came came up with the Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinar Series: a series of one new interview a day for a month! No one has done this before – including us. So, we had absolutely no idea if the trainers and experts we approached would be willing to do it. And we had the idea that each expert would offer the viewer something special whether it be a book, special access to whitepapers, free consulting for example. While we were not surprised that some of the experts were immediately excited, we have to admit that we were surprised at how EVERY one we approached wanted to help and support the cause. So, we have 21 experts in 21 days giving unique and fascinating 30-minute interviews.