Evan Hackel

To run a successful organization, you need to bring together a mix of people with a variety of strengths. Another way of stating it is that you need variety, as embodied in a group of people who possess different strengths.  

One reason to cultivate a good mix is that we all have weaknesses. Everyone in any organization has shortcomings in terms of needed skills, and it is important to recruit people who can help compensate for them.

For example, I am a person who doesn’t like to get “in the weeds,” by which I mean I don’t always relish handling the day-to-day, operational side of my business, although I can handle it capably when I absolutely have to. But I bring a negative attitude to such tasks, and I tend to make mistakes. It is hardly a win-win situation. That is why I have balanced my staff by recruiting people who are incredibly detail-oriented. I can share a big idea – most often, one that they have helped me develop in an ingaged way. They then can help turn that idea into a tactical plan and actually make it work.  

So the goal is to create a balanced staff that allows everyone to spend the majority of their time doing what they are really good at, and what they enjoy.

Today’s post is adapted from my book Ingaging Leadership: 21 Steps to Elevate Your Business. A new edition will soon be published by Motivational Press. Be sure to visit this blog again to know when it has been published! Thank you. 

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