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Evan Hackel Discusses Ingaged Leadership in New Up or Out Podcast

UP OR OUT LOGOEvan Hackel just explained his philosophy of Ingaged Leadership in an interview with Connie Pheiff. Their conversation is now live on Connie’s Up or Out podcast platform – and we invite you to listen.

As you know, Evan is our founder. He is also author of Ingaged Leadership: 31 Steps to Elevate Your Business, a book that is changing the way leaders think and achieve great things. In this new podcast, he digs in deep and sheds new light on putting his powerful leadership philosophy to work.

PLEASE NOTE: CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast. Evan’s portion of the podcast begins at counter number 7:15, so please scroll forward.

Here Are Some of the Topics Evan Explores . . .

  • Why he calls new leadership philosophy Ingagement, not engagement. (Hint: It’s because I stands for I)
  • What the difference is between being an engaged and an Ingaged leader and team member.
  • Why Ingagment extends to suppliers, vendors, everyone you work with . . . and even further.
  • How to listen for what is right in what other people are saying – not for what is wrong – and transform your organization.
  • Why company results increase dramatically when everyone plays a central role in making decisions.
  • What “Mushroom Leadership” is, why it is terrible – and how to avoid it.
  • How Evan built his family’s business from a $3 million company to a $25 million company by working with people in an Ingaged way.
  • How to balance short-term tactics and priorities with your long-term company vision. Because in some companies, things are always happening, but nothing gets done.

Another Big Concept from Evan

Evan explains his journey to Ingaged leading in this quote from the podcast . . .

“I had to overcome an obstacle where I felt that I knew best. I had a myopic belief that I was smarter than everybody else, and I had to change. I had to recognize that I had to listen with the assumption that other people were right, not wrong. That changed everything. I became a good listener and built a better team. But that was a three-year process.”

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