Ingage Consulting has extensive experience working with franchise companies to help improve their communications. Our unique methodology looks at every aspect of how your organization communicates and we will create a new communication strategy that is more effective than the strategy you currently have. We build off the following premise that:

  • you have to focus on what matters to the franchisee first. Communication that is one sided from your point of view, simply doesn’t work.
  • you have to develop methods to bring the employee’s franchisees into the communication flow.
  • less communication is better than more. The concept of ‘they’re not listening so we need to communicate even more” is flawed. What you need is the right communication – not more.
  • there are conflicting interests within your franchise system – all fighting for your franchisees’ attention. There needs to be a comprehensive communication plan so these conflicting issues don’t overwhelm your franchisee.
  • development of communication expectations and training on how communication works within a system is vital.

There is a solution. Communication should be a strength, not a weakness, and we can help. Ingage Consulting has extensive experience working with franchise companies to help improve their communications. That’s what Ingagement is all about. Here’s what we can help you do:

  • Speed up the ability of your organization to be agile and implement change as needed
  • Empower collaboration within your franchise organization
  • Communicate deeper within your franchise system
  • De-clutter and simplify your communications making it more effective
  • Save massive amounts of time and money spent due to ineffective communication



The Ingagement communication solution is designed to help franchise systems improve communication. Our methodology is based on the understanding that every franchise system is different. As part of our process, we work hand-in-hand with your team to review your unique situation and help your team craft a communication plan and tactical strategy that enables you to have highly effective communications.




Depending on the level of support you want or need can we help you create a communications blueprint to help you transform your franchise system. We help you with the process applying our methodology both in creating a blueprint and how to have a truly effective communication plan within a franchise system. The blueprint is the key to success.

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