Engagement: The Art of Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of every franchise system. If you can’t get through to your franchisees and truly be heard, your business – and their businesses – will suffer. Ingage Consulting has extensive experience working with franchise companies to help improve their communications. Our unique methodology looks at every aspect of how your organization communicates and we will create a new communication strategy that is more effective than the strategy you currently have. We build off the following premise that:

  • Speed up the ability of your organization to be agile and implement change as needed
  • Empower collaboration within your franchise organization
  • Communicate deeper within your franchise system
  • De-clutter and simplify your communications making it more effective
  • Save massive amounts of time and money spent due to ineffective communication

Power Conferences & Conventions

If you share the best news in the world, but no one is in the audience to hear it, does it matter? Your conferences and conventions are a significant investment but if you are not getting the attendance you need, or your attendees leave without remembering what is important, that investment is wasted. We have worked with many companies to develop a plan that will generate awareness and excitement to increase attendance for conferences and conventions of all shapes and sizes.

We also work with you to review your current format, agendas and work with presenters to make the event more interactive and interesting for participants, so they’ll walk away telling everyone what they missed and they need to go the following year.

Power Training Launch

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. How you launch your program can make or break your program. You invest a lot of money in your training program. Don’t forget that how you launch it can make or break your efforts. If you launch it and no one knows, it can’t meet your business goals.

We have launched hundreds of training programs and can help you launch your new training program right. We’ll work with you to develop a plan to launch your training program leveraging your existing communication vehicles to ensure everyone impacted by the launch not only knows about it, but understands the benefits, is excited about the launch and eager to get started! With our approach, you’ll gain faster adoption to your training program and be well on your way to achieving your company’s business goals much faster.