Retention Advice from Deloitte: Make Your Company “Irresistible”

The employee-work contract has changed, compelling business leaders to build organizations that engage employees as sensitive, passionate, creative contributors. Two years of research and discussions with hundreds of clients suggest five major elements and underlying strategies that work together to make organizations `irresistible.’”

– “Becoming Irresistible: a new model for employee engagement,” by Josh Bersin, Deloitte Review, January 26, 2015

What are the most critical activities and attitudes that convince employees to remain with you for the long term?51931865 - irresistible word on keyboard button

With the cost of replacing employees running at 1.5 to 2 times annual salary, that question is more critical than ever before. Yet what can you do to help assure that your most valued workers stay with you? According to “Becoming Irresistible: a new model for employee engagement, an article that Josh Bersin wrote in the Deloitte Review on January 26, 2015, here are five keys, based on a two-year Deloitte study.

Provide meaningful work by offering autonomy; allowing employees the opportunity to participate in small teams; and taking pains to place employees in jobs where they fit.

Practice hands-on management by setting clear, transparent goals; offering coaching; and investing in management development.

Build a positive work environment by creating a flexible work environment; building a “humanistic” workplace; creating a culture of recognition; and cultivating an environment that is inclusive and diverse.

Offer opportunities for growth by offering excellent training; facilitating talent and job mobility; providing self-directed learning opportunities; and fostering a “high-impact” culture where learning is encouraged.

Practice positive leadership by investing consistently in people; communicating your mission and purpose; centering on transparency and honesty; and even offering inspiration.







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