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The BAF Signal: Featuring Evan Hackel

The BAF Signal, written by Bradley Friedman, is a blog that  focuses on time management but also has a variety of posts about other interesting topics such as social media. Recently, I wrote a guest post for The BAF Signal that talks about how social media tools in the business world differ from those used outside of the business world.

The idea for this post came from a Gallup study about engagement that determined that companies in the top quartile of engaged employees outperformed those companies in the bottom quartile by a business growth rate of about 4 to 1.  The post discusses how to engage members of you organization and create a successful community through the use of a social media tool.  The post also poses the following questions: How does your company use social media tools? What has been successful, and what hasn’t worked so well? What do you think they should be doing that they’re not doing? Do you agree with Gallup that engagement matters?

To read the entire guest post and share your thoughts on these questions, click here.

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