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You’re Invited to Download Tortal Training’s Free Guide to Restaurant Food Safety Training


Click above to order your complimentary copy
Click above to order your complimentary copy

Are you in the business of serving food and beverages to the public? If you are, we would like to offer you a complimentary copy of Six Critical Skills for Restaurant Food Safety Training, the latest eBook from our Partner company Tortal Training. CLICK HERE to download your copy.

Why You Need this Book 

No matter what kind of food you serve or how you serve it, this special report will explore the six most critical skills that your food service training program should cover.


  • Introduction: Why There’s a Critical Need for Food Service Training Today
  • Critical Skill One: Customer Service Essentials for Food Service Workers
  • Critical Skill Two: Basic Food Safety Protocols to Protect Your Customers
  • Critical Skill Three: What Your Staff Needs to Know about Cooking Times and Temperatures
  • Critical Skill Four: How to Prevent Allergic Reactions to Foods . . . and Exactly what to Do if Allergic Reactions Occur
  • Critical Skill Five: Critical Hand Washing and Personal Hygiene Routines Your Workers Need to Follow
  • Critical Skill Six: How to Prepare for Inspections and Avoid Violations

You’re Invited to Download a Free Copy Today

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to provide your staff with the kind of training that protects your customers from illnesses, builds your reputation for quality, keeps satisfied customers coming back . . . and pays you dividends in many other ways.

We encourage you to download your free guide to learn more.


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