Leaders and Managers Are Not the Same . . . Which Are You?

To succeed, your company needs both great leaders and great managers. That’s confusing to think about, isn’t it? Aren’t great leaders and great mangers pretty much the same? No, they aren’t. Leading and managing are two separate and distinct skills, … Read More

How Can You Cultivate a High Level of Ingagement?

  To run a successful organization, you need to bring together a mix of people with a variety of strengths. Another way of stating it is that you need variety, as embodied in a group of people who possess different … Read More

Who Is Going to Run Your Company in the Future?

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Attitude Is a Multiplier

If you say the word “attitude” to people in the training community, most of us will think about presenters who burst into a room and try to knock trainees over with high bursts of energy. That’s not a bad image. … Read More